Judge Clarence Thomas Will Be Swearing In Vice President-elect Mike Pence

Judge Clarence Thomas

Judge Clarence Thomas

Mike Pence will sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas taking a special place in history the moment he gets into office.

Thomas will swear in Pence, which will make him the first black Supreme Court justice to have that honor.

Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Donald Trump.


Clarence Thomas, 68, is one of the members of the Supreme Court’s conservative wing, said, “Today it is the view of many that the Supreme Court is the giver of liberties — what an odd conception of governance that ‘We the People’ are dependent on the third branch of government to grant us our freedom,”

“With such unchecked judicial power, the court day-by-day, case-by-case, is busy designing the Constitution — as Justice Antonin Scalia once quipped — instead of interpreting it,” Thomas noted.

“With such unchecked judicial power, we leave it for the least accountable branch to decide what newly discovered rights should be appended to our Constitution,” he added.

“The modern presidency has drifted far from the great strength and illumination of its source: the Constitution,” said Pence at the time he was congressman.

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