George Soros OWNS Hillary Clinton And Here’s The Proof!

George Soros

George Soros

George Soros has been caught in the middle of his worst scandal ever, the latest spills shows that he used his power against Europe, America, and our Supreme Court.

DC Leaks has released 2,500 reports from 2008 until present day, that are associated with his Open Society Foundation and a few other associations.

In the records it shows lies associated with Soros and his association with Hillary Clinton, and it seems he spent a lot of time with her.

There is proof in these records that Soros was involved in many European elections in 2014  which was found in the “Rundown of European Elections 2014 Projects” file.

It seems to be a ‘game’ for Soros to try and manipulate elections to suit his whims, as seen with his donations to the Center for American Politics for $200,000 to start off a crusade against preservationists. And another $650,000 went to “put resources into specialized help and support for the gatherings at the center of the thriving #BlackLivesMatter development.”

And the real kicker here is Soros handed $7 million to Clinton’s PACs in 2015.

What do you think was his real motive?

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