Ted Cruz Interrupted By BLM Protesters During Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

The Senate Judiciary Committee is questioning Jeff Sessions to see if he a good choice to be the next attorney general in Trump’s cabinet.

The Democrats are going at great lengths to paint Sessions as a bigot but his track record proves them wrong. Liberals are being irresponsibly and immaturely during this hearing by constantly interjecting during the process.

There were some people from Black Lives Matter that were there at the hearing that tried to interrupt the process.

Here’s a report from the Daily Caller:

Shortly after Cruz began questioning Trump’s attorney general nominee, a man began shouting “Never Jeff Sessions! You are a racist!”

As Capitol Police escorted the man from the room, he continued to yell, “black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Shortly after the first outburst, a woman, a second man AND a second woman were subsequently escorted from the Senate Chamber.

Before continuing his line of questioning, Cruz noted that “free speech is a wonderful thing.”

It will be an interesting year with Ted Cruz in the Senate.!

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