Obama Gives His LAST Speech As President And Omits ALL His Failures!

obama farewell speech

obama farewell speech

President Obama gave his final speech in his hometown of Chicago last night to a packed house of Obama loyalists.

Paying no mind to the fact that Chicago is now the murder capital in the US, and still refuses to take any responsibility, he instead chose to talk about the future.

The loyalist crowd, equally as ‘blind’ started chanting, “Four more years!”

For the rest of us Americans this day couldn’t have come soon enough!

Here are some of the highlights or lowlights, haha.


How about no?

He said “laws wouldn’t be alone to end racial strife,” hearts have to change.

Hmmmm, we’re still waiting…

Some more tree hugging…

What he’s really saying?

“We’ve thrown thousands of people in the energy field out of work.”

“We’ve spent trillions on wasteful false claims.”










Some more Muslim hugging, and no acknowledging of the actual problem “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Some more hand holding.

Thanking Michelle:

“Yes we can!”


Just 10 days until we are finally rid of YOU!

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