Female Cop Gunned Down At Walmart, Man Hunt is ON!

Female Cop Ambushed



While shopping at a Florida Walmart this morning, a uniformed female cop was loading groceries into her car when a man approached her. Moments later, everyone was running for cover as the officer was filled with nine of approximately twelve bullets shot at her.

Witness James Herman said he was outside the Orlando store when he saw another shopper approach the officer and inform her about an allegedly wanted man inside who was in the checkout line. “He said that he thought the Officer was going inside to confront the suspect, who was coming out the door at the same time,” WFTV9ABC reported. The Orlando officer hadn’t even confronted the suspect yet when he immediately opened fire on her and gunned her down in broad daylight.

“The shooter was an average looking dude, he walked by me, had a security vest and everything,” Herman said. “I was walking down the sidewalk, right past the officer, and I heard her tell him to stop, or whatever, and he shot her. He shot her down.  He took off running. It’s unreal.”

The witness went on to explain that the shooter continued to fire off rounds at the unidentified cop from behind him, as he fled the scene. This “average-looking” guy is still at large and the officer’s condition is unknown at this point as she was transported to a local hospital.

Our police are under attack, and we can thank Barack Obama for this as he only empowered these thugs with his support of the Black Lives Matter/anti-cop movement.


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