11 More Days Until US Navy Get Their Balls Back So They Can Kick IRAN Back To The Stone Age



Once again Iran has harassed the US Navy Ships in the gulf, and all Obama will let them do is to simply fire a warning shot. That ONE warning shot, all that will change on January 20th when Trump takes over!

CNN reported that Iranian vessels approached a US Navy ship right off the strait in five separate instances at super high rates of speed, with the US Navy ship ordered to fire off warning shots once.

Iran has continued to harass our ship with impunity under Obama’s direction. Things are getting out of control between our two nations and Obama’s strategy of appeasement isn’t helping the situation any, in fact it’s part of the problem,

It was only a few months back in November that a US Navy Seahawk helicopter had what the Navy refers to as an “unsafe and unprofessional encounter” with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Coprs patrol boat near he Strait of Hormuz.

The helicopter was flying overhead when the Iranians targeted a weapon on it as explained by a defense official.

This exchange happened while the helicopter was escorting the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on its way out of the Persian Gulf, after Obama order it’s withdrawal.

11 more days and the Obama nightmare come to an end!

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