Police Boost Security At Trump’s Inauguration After LEFTIES Make Threats!

Trump’s Inauguration

Trump’s Inauguration

The lefties are in full panic mode as Trump’s Inauguration Day is fast approaching! Right now they are planning to disrupt the historic event and the police and National Guard are taking extra special precautions to ensure the safety of President Elect Trump and everyone else attending.

Police estimated that there maybe upwards of 900,000 people attending the inauguration, which will be protected by 3,000 cops and about 5,000 National Guard troops and government operatives.

Police Chief Peter Newsham told the media, “That is something that we need to get ready for.”

“The way that you have a few people that are showing on social media that they’re coming to close down the initiation event is something that we will be set up for,” Newsham added. “We’ve encountered that sort of thing before in the city and we’ll have the capacity to handle it.”

This is an important event in American history, and we bet that the left will do everything they can to stop this it from happening.

Do you think the left will cause chaos on January 20?

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