Mexicans Freak Out As Fuel Prices Rise: Watch As Truck Driver Plows Into Riot Police Protecting Gas Depot!

Truck Driver

Truck Driver

Life in Mexico since Trump won the election is getting tense as the Mexican stock exchange fell, the Peso was demolished, hurtling down 13 percent on November 8th and fuel prices rising.

About 80 percent of Mexican exports go to the United States, and Mexicans are worried that they’ll lose their jobs because of Trump.

Gas prices in Mexico went up 20% in one day last week. This has led to widespread protests against the government. On Saturday, the riots began. Mexican police who were protecting a gas depot in Tijuana were targeted. A truck driver decided to drive full-speed into a line of riot police and it was all caught on camera.



Via NBC Los Angeles:

Southbound traffic on Interstate 5 and Interstate 805 has reopened at the San Ysidro port of entry after closing for several hours Saturday evening.

The nationwide protests in Mexico over rising gas prices have spread to Tijuana and other parts of Baja California after prices went up 20 percent in one day.

Protesters, angry about the hike in gas prices, blocked off the port of entry on the Mexico side, causing southbound I-5 and I-805 to close, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The freeways closed around 6 p.m., and traffic was being rerouted to Interstate 905.

A protester slammed his pickup truck into dozens of police in tactical gear during a protest Saturday at the PEMEX refinery in Rosarito. At least 15 people were injured.

Dozens of gas stations closed this week in Tijuana and Rosarito, after demonstrators blocked trucks from transporting gas out of a fuel depot in Baja California.

Mexico will fall apart if they can’t adapt to President Trump’s policies, but America comes first. Then maybe we’ll help Mexico.

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