Millions In Obamacare Funding Improperly Spent – It’s OUTRAGOUS!



Can Obamacare get any worse? Well yes it can, after this story was released detailing millions of tax payers money that has been miss spent or can’t be accounted for!

America has given so much money to Obamacare that it’s turned into a mess. We hope that Trump will be able to fix this MESS.

The report by Inspector General of HHS reveals that the federal government will refund $10 million. Here’s why:

The report, issued last week by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General, found – among other things – Connect for Health Colorado failed to properly document how it spent $4.4 million of taxpayer money. It also concluded as much as $4.5 million was spent on services and items that were not permitted under guidelines established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

‘These findings were caused by a lack of adequate stewardship of Federal funds,’ said the report. ‘Specifically, the Colorado marketplace had not developed, finalized, and implemented policies and procedures to ensure than it expended and accounted for establishment grand funds in accordance with [government] requirements.’

This report is mostly focused on payments in the period before 2014. But about $4,504,799, or half of the money, was used for “unallowable hardware and software operational support and maintenance contract costs whose periods of benefit occurred after December 31, 2014.”

Remember this is just ONE state! So how much money did other states spend?

What do you think about this spending trend?

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