Ivanka Trump Attacker Dan Goldstein Confronted By FOX NEWS Reporter

Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Remember when Ivanka Trump was verbally berated by a gay man while sitting on a plane with her family?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters caught up to him.

Dan Goldstein it seems isn’t so tough when he’s not yelling at a woman.

From BizPac Review:

“Do you regret verbally abusing Ivanka Trump?”

One of the two men thrown off a flight last month after hurling abuse at Ivanka Trump was at a loss for words when personally confronted.

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters caught up with one of the men outside their Brooklyn, N.Y. apartment but could not get him to speak, or even look at the camera.

Married couple Matthew Lasner and Dan Goldstein were removed from the Jet Blue flight from New York to San Francisco after Goldstein allegedly verbally accosted Trump who was travelling with her three small children.

Goldstein, an attorney, allegedly yelled at the future first daughter, demanding to know why she wasn’t flying on a private plane and blamed her father, President-elect Donald Trump for destroying the country.

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