Trump Wants To FIRE All Of Obama’s Ambassadors!

US Embassy Seal

US Embassy Seal

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump has made the decision to fire all American ambassadors that Obama appointed to represent the country. This decisions shall become valid as of January 20, after Trump’s inauguration.

The State Department was the first to inform of this back on December 23 and listed all names that Trump demanded gone. Diplomats and other prestigious have remained shocked and dissatisfied by this decision.

These ambassadors are not benefiting America by any chance, as the State Department stated. The countries of concern are Germany, Canada and Britain.

Although it has been a practice to allow many ambassadors to stay in one area for weeks or months, now this will not be the case.

Donald Trump has set his mind on proceeding with this idea and will completely conduct it after Jan. 20.

As one member of Trump’s administration stated, this is not intended to cause a scene or rebellion. It is simply the desire of Trump to choose people he trusts and people who share his viewpoints and ideas. The ambassadors should have seen this coming, since when they were first appointed by Obama it was on the basis of their close relations to him.

Since now Trump wants to handle things his way, this is the best starting point.

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