Obama’s Mouth Piece Josh Earnest Talks About Chicago Kidnapping – LISTEN TO THIS!


Josh Earnest

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest held a press conference today where he talked the attach in Chicago, saying it’s “too early to tell” if there was actually a hate crime in the kidnapping and torturing of a mentally challenged teenager.

“I’ve seen the video through news coverage, and I know local officials, law enforcement officials are investigating this matter based on reports I’ve seen there,” Earnest answered the question from Fox News’ Kevin Corke. “They are still conducting an investigation into the disturbing images we saw in that video.”

“They do demonstrate a level of depravity that was an outrage to a lot of Americans.”

Earnest said that he haven’t “spoken to the President about it, but I am confident he would be angered by the images that are depicted on that video.”

When asked whether this was a hate crime, he answered that it’s “too early to tell.”

“I don’t know where the investigation will lead,” he added. “Our expectation would be that local law enforcement would follow the facts, and I wouldn’t speculate at this point the degree that federal officials would get involved in considering those kinds of crimes.”

“Obviously a decision by the Department of Justice to investigate is a decision they would have to make on their own.”

Keep in mind that hate crimes charges were filed prior to this statement.

Was there really a hate crime?

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