Obama Finally Comments On Chicago Torture Case, YOU Won’t Believe What He Said!

Obama Finally Comments

Obama Finally Comments

The Chicago beat of a white man has been all over the media these past few days, and now President Obama talked about the incident to ABC News.

It seems that a mentally disabled white man was kidnapped and tortured by a group of young black assailants simply for being white while they live streamed the attack on Facebook.

On a recording the black thugs were heard shouting “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people”.

Obama’s spokesperson agrees with CNN that it’s too early to call this a hate crime.

From IJ Review:

Here’s what Obama said about the shocking attack in full context:

I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better. But I think what we have seen over the last several years, when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the internet, the horrific hate crimes that we appear to have seen on Facebook.

Better! Who is he kidding, during HIS 8 years as president we have seen race riots, police officers murdered.

In case you forgot here they are: Ferguson riots, Baltimore riots, Charlotte riots, 5 officers killed in Dallas, officers killed across the country, this kidnapping, violent BLM protests across the country.

This is Obama’s legacy!

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