FBI And CIA ‘Dropped The Ball’ On Democrats’ Russia Hacking Scandal! This Is HUGE!

FBI And CIA 'Dropped The Ball'

FBI And CIA 'Dropped The Ball'

The major agencies and organisations in the US were rather uninterested whether the Russians took part in hacking Clinton’s email server or anything else for that matter. These include the FBI, CIA, State Department, and a few others.

There has been a massive outrage on behalf of Obama, who decided to not only conduct an investigation regarding the matter but also to expel 12 Russian families from the US.

Now, after all was said and done, the Joint Analysis Report (JAR) came out with the final conclusion: Nothing new in the West.

As ARS Technica reports:

“This ultimately seems like a very rushed report put together by multiple teams working different data sets and motivations,” Robert M. Lee, CEO and Founder of the security company Dragos, wrote in a critique published Friday. “It is my opinion and speculation that there were some really good government analysts and operators contributing to this data and then report reviews, leadership approval processes, and sanitation processes stripped out most of the value and left behind a very confusing report trying to cover too much while saying too little.”

Lee also pays attention to the lack of information and evidence provided during the report composing.

“As Errata Security CEO Rob Graham pointed out in a blog post, one of the signatures detects the presence of ‘PAS TOOL WEB KIT,’ a tool that’s widely used by literally hundreds, and possibly thousands, of hackers in Russia and Ukraine, most of whom are otherwise unaffiliated and have no connection to the Russian government…

Security consultant Jeffrey Carr also cast doubt on claims that attacks that hit the Democratic National Committee could only have originated from Russian-sponsored hackers because they relied on the same malware that also breached Germany’s Bundestag and French TV network TV5Monde.”

As we can conclude, the president has apparently instructed the intelligence agencies correspondents to collect proof that would make the Democrats look good.

He was actually trying to cover up the huge loss they suffered to Donald Trump and attempted to shift the blame.

The report is around 13 pages long and contains information on all technology involved in the process- quite the stretch even  for Obama.

One thing remains clear though- the Democrats will never admit that they lost fair and square.

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