CNN’s Don Lemon DEFENDS Black Youths Who Beat Special Needs White Man! SHOCKING

don lemon

don lemon

CNN’s Don Lemon shocked everyone with his defense of 4 black youths who held a young white special needs man against his will while they tortured him live on Facebook!

The critical part of the video is around 3:37 when one of the commentator calls it ‘evil’ and ‘man’s inhumanity to man’.

Don Lemon responds with this:

“I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and they have bad home training. I think that- when we say who is raising these people, we have no idea who is raising these young people.”

He then contradicts himself by referring to it as inhumane. There is NO excuse for this type of behavior, and to diminish their responsibility or blame it on an ‘oh they’re just kids’ argument.

The Chicago Police also appear to be similarly downplaying the responsibility of the ‘kids’, referring to the comments the attackers used as ‘just stupidity’ and ‘kids making stupid decisions’.

Could it be because the attackers are black? Seems to me a double standard here! What do you think?

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