Trump Shows Charles and David Koch The DOOR – This IS Perfect!

Charles and David Koch

Charles and David Koch

Americans picked Donald Trump as our next president is he because he makes no does exactly what he wants and takes no shit from ANYBODY!

After eight years of Obama, it’s great to see someone with balls moving into the White House and today he showed us what to expect for the next 4 years.


President Obama was quick to take in other people’s cash and this included Charles and David Koch the richest men in America.

Now that has all changed with Trump and he just stuck it to the Koch brothers when they showed up to his golf course and tried to throw there weight around after they decided to spend the afternoon at Trump’s private golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The billionaire Koch brothers who love amnesty, Hillary and free trade weren’t expecting this as they had planned a day-long retreat at Trump’s exclusive golf resort which was suddenly cut as soon as Trump found out they were there. The Donald didn’t waste a second when he told his management to remove the pair from his property and warn them they weren’t welcome back.

WOW isn’t karma a bitch!

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