Obama Pushes Refugees On States That Voted RED!

Obama Pushes Refugees

Obama Pushes Refugees

President Obama has been punishing states that voted Republican by forcing refugees on them while Democrat states are spared!

Now there are numbers out that confirm this. According to the number of refugees “resettled” in the US in the period from October 1st to December 29th of 2016, it was concluded that the largest numbers of these refugees ended up in the top five red states.

 Breitbart analyzes:

Nebraska, a red state, was very pro-Trump in the elections, and gave Trump support of 60 percent while Hillary Clinton received 34 percent. [Refugees Relocated – 502]…

North Dakota [Refugees Relocated – 164]

Kentucky [Refugees Relocated – 874]

Arizona [Refugees Relocated – 1350]

Idaho [Refugees Relocated – 320]

What is more surprising than this is that many of these states marked as ‘blue’ ones got very small number of refugees settled. The state that was of special interest regarding this subject is Delaware, where Vice President Joe Biden is from.

Regarding the matter, Breitbart states:

“Delaware, the state Vice President Joe Biden represented in the United States Senate for forty years, received no refugees at all during this period. In fact, Delaware did not resettle a single refugee in FY 2016. In the fourteen full fiscal years since 2003, the federal government has resettled only 130 refugees in the state.”

Even president Barack Obama made sure that he and his family were as far from the refugees as possible:

“Hawaii, President Obama’s home state before he moved to Illinois, resettled only three refugees during the first three months of FY 2017, a per capita rate of 0.2 per 100,000 residents, well below the national average.

Illinois, which President Obama represented in the United States Senate prior to his election as president in 2008, resettled only 6.2 refugees per 100,000 residents during the first three months of FY 2017, a per capita rate below the national average.”

The resettlement was distanced from the Washington area by a little help from the lawmakers:

“Only two refugees were resettled in the District of Columbia, which Hillary Clinton won by a 92 percent to 4 percent margin, during this period, a per capita rate of 0.3 refugees per 100,000 residents, well below the national average.”

Well, it is safe to say that the Democrats took care of all aspects while this situation was ongoing. This issue is of serious importance and we are hoping to see it resolved in due time.

For the time being, it is a fact that the Obama Administration executed a thoughtful plan to harm Trump and his team. It is not only risky to do so, but it is also very low, even for a man like Obama. Limit exceeded.

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