Obama Deploys US Special Forces On Russian BORDER!

US troops

US troops

President Obama has just orders US Special Forces to the Russian border in Lithuania in yet another provocation aimed at Russia. This just after he expelled 35 Russian diplomats early this week.

This after reports that Russia is planning on deploying nuclear-ready missiles in the Kaliningrad province of Russia. Lithuania shares a border with Kaliningrad a province of Russia, and Lithuanian Defence Ministry spokeswoman Asta Galdikaite confirmed that presence of U.S. troops, saying, “The United States was the first to offer additional safety assurance measures to the Baltic countries following the deterioration of the security situation in the region after the annexation of the Crimea.”

US General Raymond T. Thomas had earlier said that the American military has a “persistent” presence in the Baltic states, saying that many of the countries are “scared to death” of Russia. Lithuanian foreign minister Linas Linkevicius confirmed this, saying, “Iskander missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads have been deployed. There are S-400 missiles and modernised jets.”

“Russia likes to create problems, conflict and then suggest some ideas how to mitigate, how to mediate – and some of our colleagues say ‘look they are cooperating’,” Linkevicius added.

While not many people would argue against deploying troops to the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression, Obama’s strange handling of the situation does not inspire confidence that he will do anything except increase tensions.

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