Congress Works To Discard ALL Of Obama’s Last Minute Regulations!



They’re working hard in congress to STOP President Obama’s latest last attempt to get $44 billion in bills signed before he leaves office in two weeks time.

Called The Congressional Review Act it will enable Congress to erase the executive orders made by Obama in his final days.

The legislation’s purpose is “to stem a growing trend by Presidents, of both parties, to use their last few months in office to rush in costly, expensive or controversial new regulations,” stated GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, who has re-introduced the bill that would enable them to repeal executive orders made in the last 60 days by a current president and his government.

If everything goes according to plan, the House is to approve the bill on Wednesday since it has already been introduced by GOP Representatives Tom Marino and Bob Goodlatte.

Regulations impacting the economy, the environment, families, and our community should be done with great caution and transparency, not get rushed in last-minute on a President’s way out of office. This is a good piece of legislation that will help keep this and future Presidents in check. The Midnight Rules Relief Act is a reasonable plan to strengthen executive branch oversight, giving Congress a better tool to ensure regulations are limited and, when necessary, approved in an open and transparent manner,” stated Issa.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that unaccountable, last-minute regulations don’t continue crippling our economy, crushing small business and raising costs on middle-class families,” he further said.

The Act gives Congress a quick and clean way to overturn executive orders or regulations that have been forced by a departing president. The only thing that needs to be done for the act to take effect is for every chamber to pass a “resolution of disapproval.”

With the Congressional Review Act, Congress has just several short months to achieve its goal. Democrats are helpless to hinder this process with their usual filibuster tactic, for the “resolution of disapproval” to be passed only a small majority is required. The American Action Forum has made a list of 40 laws with Obama’s signature on them which amount to $44.1 billion.

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