Security Tight As Trump’s Inauguration Is Under Threat By LIBERALS!

inauguration for trump

inauguration for trump

will be sworn in on January 20th and liberals are looking for some way to stop him from becoming our next president. Now some senior officials are saying that the security for this  inauguration will be the tightest in American history.

The The New York Times reports that 3 dozen security agencies are taking part in the organization of the event because they fear anti-Trump protesters will flood the capital, plus the millions of Trump supporters so there is a huge risk of fights between the two groups.

Michael Chertoff, George W. Bush’s secretary of homeland security, said, “To paraphrase Tolstoy: Each inauguration is risky, but each is risky in its own way.”

“I can’t think of an inauguration that presented more security challenges than this one,” Chertoff added.

“Everybody knows how contentious the campaign was,” said Mr. Geldart, the District of Columbia homeland security director. “Honestly, what really keeps me up at night around this is the ability for us to just allow folks to come in, express their views and leave safely.”

Do you think that liberals will disrupt the inauguration?

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