Obama’s Administration Has Done EVERYTHING Wrong, Even Experts Agree



The Obama administration has done things wrong, and one expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a specialist on national security and author of the book “Overcoming Jihad,” talked about Obama, and his 8-year presidency.

Obama is about to leave now, and he’s doing everything he can to get revenge on the people who dissed him.

The President never says the words ‘radical Islam’. He has no respect for working class American, and “welcomes” illegals from Mexico.

“Obama and his allies tossed gas on the fire,” Gorka explained. “They agree with every other person who truly is utilizing the United Nations to execute a type of hidden against Semitism. There’s nothing else that you can depict this as.”

Thank God he’s leaving the White House and that we have a  President-elect who knows how to lead this country in the right way. Obama’s effort to blast him are nothing but pure failure.

What do you think of Obama, was he the worst mistake America ever made?

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