Hillary Still Can’t Say MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Donald Trump proudly exclaims “Merry Christmas” every chance he gets, yet poor Hillary still can’t say those words.

When acknowledging the festive season she say “Happy Holidays” REALLY!!!  This woman still doesn’t get it.

Hillary Clinton

Here’s what Twitchy reported:

Nothing gives you a feeling of Christmas joy like receiving an email the day AFTER Christmas from a bitter, angry, old lady like Hillary Clinton, especially when she whines about losing the election in said holiday greeting.

Clinton’s message didn’t mention Christmas or even Hanukkah, but “the holidays.” Oh, and the number of votes she received.

The most hilarious part of this email is her mentioning the number of votes she received because deep down you know she still thinks that matters; she can’t even send a “Holiday” greeting thanking people without making it about the popular vote. (…)

Democrats are weird.

Source: Politicus

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