New York Sheriff Abandons Sanctuary City Before Trump’s Inauguration

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities

Vincent DeMarco, a New York Sheriff is abandoning his “Sanctuary Cities” policy ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration to avoid conflict with the new president.

Even before Trump is takes charge as our next president we are seeing the effects of some of his plans, and recently, a NY Sheriff started to abandon the “sanctuary cities” regulations. Sheriff DeMarco obviously does not want to become a target of Trump when when he starts cleansing this country of sanctuary cities that shelter illegal immigrants.

DeMarco does not claim that this is the exact reason for his sudden change of heart toward these regulations, but judging by the timing when it happens, you can most definitely say that he already feels the heat.

“Already, between December 1 and December 21, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had taken seven illegal immigrants into custody who were living in Suffolk County.

The Sheriff mirror imaged the president-elect’s rhetoric that every illegal alien who has perpetrated some crime in the country has to be deported, adding “I do believe this is good public policy because it focuses on criminals.”

“We’re talking about people who entered the country illegally and have committed crimes and have been convicted of crimes,” went on DeMarco.

It seems that somehow even county officials have changed their minds all of a sudden, when Steve Ballone said he favored Trump’s strategy. “I opposed open-ended detainer requests because, among other things, they placed an enormous burden on local government to spend millions on incarceration to cover unfunded mandates.”

“However, Suffolk County works closely with federal law enforcement, and a limited, 48-hour detainer represents a step in the right direction,” said Bellone for Newsday.

All these sudden changes of heart come less than a month before Trump’s inauguration and his soon-to-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions is prepared to start the legal actions against all districts that fail to adhere to Trump’s new policies.

Dam Cadman from Center for Immigration Studies reported that when Trump empowers his anti-illegal immigration policies he hopes that all these counties and districts will comply with the new laws.

“I mean, let’s face it . . . a new administration is coming in and the new administration has said, unambiguously, they’re going to take an entirely different and harder approach toward sanctuaries,” said Cadman for Newsday. “I don’t think that many counties and many county sheriffs and some police departments want to be between the hammer and the anvil.”
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