Shocking: Obama Goes After Sheriff David Clarke!

Sheriff David Clarke!

Sheriff David Clarke!Sheriff David Clarke has made a good case against Obama’s birth certificate and now the political elite from Obama’s administration are going after him.

Justice Department Representative Gwen Moore has demanded that the DOJ opens an independent investigation in the Milwaukee County Jail and Sheriff David Clarke, allegedly as a response to several recent deaths that happened on the premises of the Milwaukee County Jail.


Moore sent a letter to the DOJ complaining that the prison there is an “unsafe environment” for those imprisoned there due to the four deaths that have occurred there in the last six months, including the death of one baby delivered by a detainee. Moore obviously doubts Clarke’s expertise and implies that the reason for these deaths is due to Clarke’s negligence.

If Clarke was one of Hillary’s supports this sort of investigation would never happen, but we all know the empty stubbornness and obstinacy of liberals and Democrats and more of these money-wasting lawsuits and investigations are to be expected in the next four years in a futile attempt to somehow tarnish Trump’s reputation.

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