Josh Earnest Whines To CNN, Says Obama Deserves More Credit For THIS!

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Josh Earnest

Josh Earnest

The whining from the White House continues as Spokesman Josh Earnest showed up on CNN whining about people who didn’t give Obama enough credit.

Earnest said. “If this constituency — journalists — are gonna be effective advocates for the issue that they care about, they need to remember that they have a responsibility not just to criticize those who are not living up to their expectations.”

“Any activist will tell you that the way that you get people to support you and to support your cause is to give them credit when the credit is due, to applaud them when they do the thing that you want them to be doing,” he went on to say.

“Given the fact that President Obama has been the most transparent president in American history, and given the fact that he has not gotten much, if any, credit for that from journalists, what incentive does Donald Trump, who I think has a predisposition against transparency when you consider the way he handled his tax returns, what argument does anyone have that there is an incentive for him to be more transparent?” Earnest asked.

Do you agree with what he said?

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