Peter Schweizer Exposes The $ecret Deal The Clintons Made With Russia!




Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” talked to Lou Dobb on the Fox News Show.

Schweizer said that the Clinton Foundation took $145 million from Uranium One shareholders, as reported by Angry Patriot Movement. This makes up 75 percent of the foundation’s annual budget. So why are they making deals with the Russians?

After this huge deal, the Russian government became an owner of land on American soil in the Mid West.

Schweizer also said that our country is one of the few places in the world in which Uranium mining is successful. Uranium One shareholders need Putin to own these places in order to protect their supplies.

Here’s what Schweizer said about this deal:

“It just stinks to high heaven and I think it requires a major investigation by the federal government.”

Schweizer noted that the corruption matter doesn’t stop here, “And to think that you have got a Nigerian businessmen pledging $1 billion, with a B, to the Clinton Global Initiative that he wants nothing from the Clinton in return is just laughable.”

Hillary is able to sell her country to the highest bidder.

So, Democrats have to understand that Donald Trump isn’t the one that works secretly with Russia.

Schweizer added,  “I think the American people recognize that there is a pay to play  system in Washington and that’s why you are seeing this rebellion against money in politics.”

Do you think Trump will get things fixed? What do you think of Hillary’s secret deals?

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