SEE What Obama Has Done To His Beloved Millennials!



President Obama has a visions, his green energy initiative was the one he bragged about the most. Well look at these last stats!

Obama thinks he has created ten of thousands of jobs…. well he should think again!

Zero Hedge reported:

Millennials can now state they have earned a 75-year record for highest percentage of young adults living at home with their parents.  At just under 40%, Millennials are barely shy of the all-time record of 40.9% set in 1940, after the end of the Great Depression. 

From the Wall Street Journal:

Almost 40% of young Americans were still residing at their parents’ and this is the biggest number since 1940, according to an analysis of census data by real estate tracker Trulia.

Although the economy improved, people between 18 and 34 have been settled with their families more when compared to the 2005 numbers. 

The trend runs counter to that of previous economic cycles, when after a recession-related spike, the number of younger Americans living with relatives declined as the economy improved.


Even though the millennials didn’t vote for Trump they are the ones who stand to gain the most as jobs return to the US!

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