Hillary Clinton Wants To Run In 2020 Presidential Elections!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Well we here thought we were done with Hillary Clinton but now she says that she’ll be running for president in the 2020 election, reported NewsMax.

“She’s convinced that, sooner than later, the voters will come to their senses and realize they made a horrible mistake by putting Donald Trump in the White House,” a close source to Hillary said. “She’s sure that the voters will beg her to enter the race and she said, ‘I’m going to run again in 2020.’”

Sources  close to her think she is depressed, drinking too much, and is deluding herself with “dreams” about her running again. Be 2020 she will be 73!

Hillary is in a state of denial and accepts zero responsibility for her loss to Trump,” the source said. “She’s convinced that FBI Director James Comey’s last-minute announcement that he was reopening his investigation of Hillary’s emails was planned in advance by her Republican enemies. She’s also believes that Vladimir Putin was working with Donald Trump and that the two were in direct contact.”

“She further believes that a groundswell of anger is going to make it impossible for Trump to govern effectively,” the source added. “In her view, Trump is a rank amateur in the art of politics, and he’s going to screw up badly and find himself in deep trouble.”

“She told me, and I’m paraphrasing: ‘Trump has no idea what it’s like to run the biggest corporation in the world, the United States government. He has no f—ing idea how complicated it is, how many cogs are spinning at the same time, how many people are fighting at cross purposes, how much disinformation you get.’”

Bill Clinton is not keen to see her run again, he doubts that she will stand the pressure again.

What do you think of Hillary’s plans to run for president? We’re wondering if she’ll be out of prison by then!!!

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