Muslim Family Says Goodbye To Their Young Daughters Goodbye, As They Turn Them Into Suicide Bombers!



Unbelievable news that a Muslim couple sent there 7 year old daughter into a Syrian police station to blow it up!

The young girl walked into the police station to ask to use their bathroom, and then the bomb was detonated remotely.

Pamela Geller has the grizzly details:

Anyone who has been awake at any time during the past 1400 years ought to have worked out that Islam is not a “Religion of Peace”.

But is it even worthy of being called a religion. In this shining example of Islam at work a devout Mohammedan willingly sends his 7 year old daughter to her death as a suicide bomber.



Watch below:

The seven-year-old is thought to have walked into a police station (pictured) in Syria’s capital, Damascus, before being killed in an explosion believed to have been detonated remotely

Both girls then say ‘Allahu Akbar’ before separate footage shows them dressed in coats and woolly hats as they embrace their mother and leave the room.

A short time later, on December 16, a seven-year-old girl calmly walked into a Damascus police station before being killed in a bomb blast that also injured three officers.

Syrian journalists have reported the two adults as being husband and wife and parents to the two girls. They also linked one of the youngsters to the explosion on Friday.

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