Video Makes Fun Of Crying Millennials! Now It’s Gone Viral…




Whining Hillary Fans Songby Dana Kamide, mocks Hillary’s fans who are still whining over her loss.

The video shows Hillary supporters crying and sobbing as they watch elections results. Hillary is also made fun of for hiding after the election night. Remember it was John Podesta who conceded defeat.

Millennial liberals are lost in space and reality. They chanted in the streets, destroyed private properties, and went that far to blame Russia for Hillary’s loss. Who’d expect these millennials to think logically?

Angry Patriot Movement reported that Liberal crybabies only focus on social issues. None of them has a job or takes any form of responsibility.

This party is shouting loud about their tolerance for people with diverse viewpoints, but now they’re “dying” because America elected a president that doesn’t share their opinion.

The crybabies should learn something from the generations before them. They never went to war, and lived in peace. They enjoy huge privileges. That’s why it’s so pathetic that they cry for nothing. you can have an idol, we understand that completely, but crying and rioting? The color, gender, or background of our president doesn’t matter. Trump promised good things, and Hillary couldn’t do that.

As if the riots weren’t enough, they the liberals tried to affect the decision of the Electoral College. Luckily, they couldn’t do anything, as Trump is the official President of America.

Do you think the millennials enjoy more privileges than needed? Is there any need of intervening in this matter? What do you think of Dana’s song?

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