Sheriff Clarke No Longer Ashamed To Say “Merry Christmas!”

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke

Donald Trump can thank Sheriff Clarke for his huge support as he said he never had a problem with speaking his mind and defending Trump whatever the media or liberals said about him.

Now Sheriff Clarke has a message for Hillary Clinton: “Boy, does it feel good to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and not feel bashful about it,” Sheriff Clark said.

“You know, this political correctness that we’ve been under, this country’s been under — this siege for the last eight years has been horrendous. You had to go around and, you know, say ‘Happy Holidays’ so you don’t offend anybody,” he added.

“She’s why she lost. But of course, with her it’s always somebody else’s fault. Accepts no responsibility. Slept during most of the campaign. Every time you turned around, she was reported to be taking a nap. Well, she’s going to have plenty of time to nap now, isn’t she?” Sheriff Clarke ended off with.

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