Hillary Clinton Caught Blaming Everybody Else But HERSELF For Her CRUSHING DEFEAT!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Clinton spoke at an organized event for her RICH party for her donors on Thursday, as she tried to quell their anger for her lose.

Mad World News reported that Clinton was quick to blaming everyone else starting with the FBI, then moved on to everyone else including Vladimir Putin.

“Take it from Nate Silver, who’s pointed out that swing state voters made their decisions in the final days, breaking against me because of the FBI letter from FBI Director Comey,” Clinton was heard saying. “Nate Silver believes, I happen to believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome.”

“We have to recognize that, as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me,” she added.

She and her husband are delusional! Bill Clinton, also agreed with her and blamed the FBI director James Comey and the Russians.

“James Comey cost her the election,” Bill said recently, according to The Record-Review.

“He doesn’t know much,” Bill said of the president-elect. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

We have three words for those two; DEAL WITH IT!

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