Muslim Migrant Mob BRUTALLY ATTACKS Beach Workers In Australia



A large mob of African migrants brutally attacked two men while they were working and beat them in a horrible unprovoked attack on a beach.

There were at least 30 African migrants in the group and everyone of them seemed bent on destruction.

One of the male victims of this attack, Andrew, described his attackers as nothing more then ‘animals’.

The migrant gang were mostly teenagers who began to destroy fencing that lay outside the St. Kilda Life Saving Club on the famous Melbourne beach in Australia.

There were two landscape gardeners that happened to be working on the site, who yelled at the men to stop before they were set upon in this horrific crime.

According to

Andrew said: “There were about 30 of them and they all turned at once and attacked me, all of them swinging at once.


“I just told them to get out of the construction site and then they just looked at me and they just charged at me like animals, like in the wild, they were wild animals.”

Andrew explained that the gang said nothing before the raging attack, he just remembers being punched in the head followed by multiple kicks, being stomped on and even whipped with their belts over and over.

His injuries included multiple facial injuries and the other victim who is his colleague, Nathan, was given a broken nose as the result of these teenage migrants’ attack.

Andrew said: “Nathan was up against the wall getting beat up. He tried to grab somebody attacking me from behind and then a group of the people attacking me turned on him.”


It was learned later that this mob of savage migrant youth had police called on them multiple time for trouble they caused but each time the police would show up they would scatter making it impossible for any arrests and then gathered again to cause more trouble after things calmed down.

Melbourne Police Inspector Jason Kelly said: “I want to provide some reassurance to the community that what occurred was not acceptable.

“The matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be identified”.

All I have to say is it better be, and justice hopefully will be served to these less than human scumbags!

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