Mayor De Blasio Is Under Criminal Investigation For Pay-To-Play Violation.

Mayor De Blasio

Mayor De Blasio

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, is in hot water over his campaign fundraising!

Breitbart reported that one federal and one state grand jury in Manhattan, have allegedly started testimony hearings about Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and his campaign fundraising. He is now subjected to a pay-to-play violation.

The New York Times says, the federal investigation, was initiated by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, and is investigating if de Blasio or his associates did any favors for his donors in return for their money. These donations are related to the mayor campaign he led in  2013.

There is a total of five investigations regarding de Blasio and his staff, and they are all related to the fundraising activities the mayor has been conducting.

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  1. YES this is great news….marxist, Sandinista sympathizer. Nicaragua and Cuba both have gotten a free ride. Sandinistas killed 3,000 political prisoners PEACETIME. Imprisoned 11,000 political prisoners PEACETIME. This is some of the peacetime torture De Blasio’s Sandinistas inflicted on their prisoners: they were skinned alive; drawn & quartered; forced to watch wives and daughters sexually assaulted; caged in cubicles less than a square meter; “punished” via electric shock; deprived of food and water; PEACETIME; not to mention imprisoning and forcibly relocating 35,000 native Americans…PEACETIME. Executed 110 strikers for wanting back pay (all this is at ). Way to go, De Blasio! If you go to prison, sir, every day that goes by, you should say a prayer of thanks and be glad you’re in America and not in one of the Sandinista prisons you so staunchly supported back in the 80s.

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