16-Year-Old Jackie Evancho TAGETED After Accepting Invitation To Sing At Trump’s Inauguration!

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho

Trump supporters have been targeted by nutjob liberals from day one. Now 16 year old singer, Jackie Evancho, is the victim of there abuse as she is set to sing the national anthem, on January 20th, 2017 at the inauguration of President Elect Trump.

Known for being the runner up of America’s Got Talent, she accepted the invitation to sing the anthem at the event of the year for America. It was announced just last Wednesday while she was on the Today Show. Previously she has performed for events that were by hosted President Obama.

Evancho said,

“I feel really honored. To be able to sing for the office – it’s a great honor for me.”

Liberals have taken to social media to bash her, so what do these liberals want? Internet trolls and bully seem to be OK for the political left her as they continue to attack ever one who doesn’t agree with their way of thinking.

Jackie Evancho hater tweet

Jackie Evancho hater tweet 2

Jackie Evancho hater tweet

Even after all this hate aimed towards her Jackie said she is still going to be singing on Inauguration Day. We commend her courage as she is standing her ground and refusing to cancel her engagement!

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