The Media Research Center has made a hysterical video making fun of snowflakes all across the country.

You know them, they are the ones who whine and run for their safe spaces all because they don’t get their own way. These snowflakes throw tantrums and scream how awful everyone is because someone said Trump. What a bunch of babies. They deserve to be made fun of and ridiculed and MRC has done it beautifully.

From Fury News:

We all need a little humor in our lives and this story provides just that. MRC, a conservative media watchdog created this video in to show the idiocy and childishness of the liberal mind that makes them scurry to their safe spaces, and their affinity for safety pins, puppies, and coloring books.

Let’s hope that some day these special snowflakes realize that they are being laughed at, regain some God-given common sense. Until then, we can enjoy little gems like this video and be entertained by all of the ridiculously pathetic things the left tries to pull daily. Enjoy!!!

For the price of a pumpkin spice latte per week, you can help these snowflakes find solace in their safe spaces, far away from micro-aggressions and campus triggers like conservative ideas, facts, logic, or any opposing views. The media may not choose to expose this atrocity, but the Media Research Center, through our Save the Snowflakes initiative, is doing much more – we’re taking action! We won’t rest until we save each and every special snowflake from the horrors of exposure to … things they simply do not agree with.”

The Media Research Center has decided to launch a special project, “Save The Snowflakes.” In a statement concerning the project, MRC President Brent Bozell said, “I cannot think of a more important time in our nation’s history to launch Save the Snowflakes. With inconsolable college students around the country coming to grips with the election results, the MRC hears their cries loud and clear.”

“Last month it was Trump,” said Bozell. “This month it’s Christmas. Then Easter, Halloween, the Emmys, the list is endless. We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence,” he said. “We stand in solidarity with their tortured souls because no one deserves to suffer through unspeakable tragedy without pony rides and bubbles. The vitally important work of Save the Snowflakes cannot happen without your generosity,” said Bozell. “Will you sacrifice just one iced, grande, sugar free, no-whip, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte a week to help us Save the Snowflakes?” NOPE. See how mean I was there? Deal with it.

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