Michelle Obama Caught Spending Millions On Hawaii Vacation!!

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The Obamas family takes a vacation they ‘REALLY TAKE A VACATION’! It’s hard to believe but Michelle spent $4,823,206.88 on their 2015 trip to Hawaii. And it’s only now that that she’s challenged on it.

Truth Monitor reports that the Obama family has traveled to Hawaii for every Christmas in the last eight years. Taxpayers literally paid at least $85,029,819.

Check the costs of Obamas’ last vacation for the Secret Service alone:

  • Hotel and lodging costs totaled $1,000,458.63
  • The Secret Service spent $165,893.88 on car rentals.
  • Air and rail expenses totaled $67,964.16

For the period between December 18, 2015 to January, 3, 2016, the Secret Service had the task to rent various homes for 19 days, including December 16 and 17. These rentals costed $245,993.12, and each of the homes was located near the Marine Corps base at Kaneohe Bay. The Secret Service also booked rooms at the Moana Surfrider resort on Waikiki Beach, and the Ala Moana Hotel. The total cost was estimated to $40,249.48 and $671,895.99, respectively.

This will blow our mind. The Secret Service rented 103 cars for the 14-day vacation. You gave $165,893.88 for this. The Obamas had a great time in Hawaii, too. They stayed at the Hale Reena Estate, which “rents for anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 a night, depending on the season.” They dined in the most expensive restaurants. These are the places you see in movies:

“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” explained Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.  “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”

People are angry. It’s important to know where our tax money goes. We shouldn’t be paying for the Obamas to have a good time in Hawaii.





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