Donald Trump Outclasses Obama In Humanity And Compassion!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The differences between Barack Obama and Donald Trump are like night and day, the way they think, the act and the way they deal under pressure.

Remember back at the rally held in Reno back in  January rally in Reno, when Trump stepped up to help one of the fainting women in the crowd.

He stopped his speech and asked for the lady to be helped, he then brought in a doctor and provided her with fresh air.

Trump addressed that it is crucial to “take care of our people.” And here is the video:

On Friday, however, Obama held a conference and when someone of the people present went ill he totally ignored the situation.

He even said, “where was I?”

Here is the video:

While Obama doesn’t seem  to care about who got sick or why, watch this video:

Let’s not forget about the two different people we are seeing here; one is caring and thoughtful and will push this country into progress, and the second is just leaving after recklessly creating a chaos he hoped would be inherited by Hillary Clinton.

One thing is certain, America has chosen the right person to become president, and we cannot be more excited to watch him be sworn into office on January 20th!

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