Chicago Thug BRUTALLY Assaults Female Prison Guard! Watch This!

Female Prison Guard

Female Prison Guard

Inmate Jimmie Smith, 41, just added to his list sentence at the Cook County Jail in Chicago. You can see why in this video:

Already in for seven years on charges ranging from attempted murder to sexual assault, and no doubt he’ll be staying for much longer after this incident.

Jimmie Smith eating (Photo: Cook County Sheriff)
Jimmie Smith eating (Photo: Cook County Sheriff)


This story made the media rounds, here’s one of the stories:

Mirror – A prison inmate has been captured on film punching a female jail guard in his cell.

The attack occurred after the prisoner was reportedly busted using a laptop to record a talk show called “My Back’s Against the Wall”.

Jimmie Smith, 41, has been held in Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois, for seven years as he fights a range of charges including attempted murder and sexual assault.

Now he has been charged with aggravated battery to a correctional officer, The Chicago Tribune reports.

In the video, the female guard approaches Smith and tries to grab his lap top from him.

But he violently lashes out and smashed her in the face.

Almost immediately, he surrenders to the male officers – turning around and putting his hand on the walls as they rush in to apprehend him.

The video of the talk show was in fact of Smith hosting a show featuring lewd pictures of Smith inside the jail, the newspaper reported.

He had received the laptop to help prepare his defence for his court case.


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