Obama Set to Free Guantanamo Bay Prisoners- THIS IS INSANE!

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama wants to makes sure he fulfills his promise and close the prison at Guantanamo Bay before he leaves office, even if it mean freeing the worst of the worst!

Ignoring who could be released for instance, Obama’s multi-agency Periodic Review Board recently signed the release for a prisoner known as a “forever prisoner,” that is deeply involved in terrorism and related activities.

Yemeni Yassin Qasim Muhammad Ismail Qasim, 37, was among the people who served for Al Qaeda and had relative there who helped him engage into terrorist activities. The ‘forever prisoner’ label means that he represents a lifelong threat and should never be released.

Before being taken to Guantanamo in May 2002, the Yemen-born terrorist was trained for combat and was a soldier against the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, in May 2016, a U.S. intelligence profile on Qasim stated the terrorist “probably retains extremist views and anti-US sentiment.”

The State Department called the AQAP, based in Yemen, one of the most hazardous and dangerous branches of Al Qaeda, in which Qasim acted while free.

Qasim did other violations as well, and according to the authorities  “he has been highly non-compliant with the guard force relative to other detainees” during most of his time at Gitmo.

On December 8, despite all this, Qasim got the opportunity to walk a free man after his release was signed by Obama’s administration.

“His responses (during his latest release hearing) were thoughtful and showed an effort to realistically consider the future,” the PRB said of Qasim in its decision. “The board also noted the detainee’s extensive efforts to take advantage of opportunities in detention to better himself, to include multiple academic and art classes, as well as positive engagement with mental health counselors.”

he is not even the only terrorist that were imprisoned under Obama.

As the U.S. government estimates, around three of 10 prisoners in Guantanamo who are already free, have been considered a national threat linked to terrorism.

Still, Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, has to submit 30 days notice to Congress regarding any transfer, thus not all prisoners shall be released by Obama, since Trump will take office and will prevent that from happening.

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