Judge Spend Night In Jail With Green Beret!

Judge Spend Night In Jail

Judge Spend Night In Jail

One veteran, who is not only a Green Beret but was also given the Purple Heart three times, was now taken to jail to spend one night since he violated his probation and lied about his urine test.

The name of the veteran, struggling with PTSD upon coming home, is Joe Serna.

Another veteran, Judge Lou Olivera, completely understands Serna’s position.

Because of this, he took the Green Beret to jail and offered to spend the night there with him.

From Liftable:

The Green Beret was sent to jail to spend one night there by a North Carolina judge. However, knowing his own story, he was not ready to let him go though with that alone.

The Gulf War veteran, Judge Lou Olivera, works as a district court judge over the Veterans Treatment Court in Cumberland County, North Carolina. when Joe Serna violated nis probation, Olivera sentenced him to one night in jail.

Serna, on the other hand has received three Purple Hearts, and has retired from service. he has been experiencing difficulties in coping with everyday life, after coming back from the battlefield in Afghanistan.

He not only suffered from PTSD, he found comfort in alcohol as well.

Serna could not deal with the jail chamber and remembered the moment he was riding with three other soldiers along a creek when the road gave way, and the vehicle plunged into the water. The truck started filling with water and they were basically done.

Olivera took Serna to jail and asked of the warden if he could also spend the night with him.

Serna was all alone inside the chamber, but when the door opened he saw the judge smiling.  “When he came in, I knew everything was going to be okay,” recalled Serna.

The night was spent in a discussion about their families, lifestyles and days of war.

The judge felt obliged to help out a fellow soldier in need and not let him go through with this alone.

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