Obama’s “Official” Birth Certificate Is FAKE – “9 Points of Forgery”

President Obama

President Obama

Maricopa County Sheriff officials have just revealed more information about President Obama’s birth certificate.

Obama has been dogged by accusations that he is not eligible for office since the U.S. Constitution clearly says that only “natural born citizens” are able to be presidents of this country.

It was five years ago that Obama released his birth certificate, to answer numerous rummors and accusations regarding his birthplace. A statement was released on Thursday by the Sheriff’s Office, that read,  “the overwhelming forensic evidence shows the posted document is nothing more than a “created” document – pieced together using another source document.”

As the officials claim, the forensic proof was verified by a couple of incongruous digital file specialists who reside on two different continents that did not knew each other.

Officials say that there are approximately none “points of forgery” on Obama’s birth documents where words, dates, and letters were digitally copied.

Obama’s certificate has been CONFIRMED to be a “forgery,” an illegally “fabricated document,” concluded law enforcement operatives with high certainty after major five-year inspection.

Joe Arpaio and lead investigator Mike Zullo with the help of forensic specialists on two continents have reached a conclusion that Obama’s birth certificate is not real and are trying to handle the situation with the federal government.

Investigators claim that the initial “five points of forgery were brought over in one group” from another birth certificate and the other four were brought over separately to crate the illegal document.

Investigator Mike Zullo said for the press, “We don’t know if he (Obama) is a natural born citizen or not” and said the document is an elaborate counterfeit.

With the use of old and new forensic methods, inspectors in the U.S. and Italy reached the same conclusion regarding the originality of the files.

Zullo said to the press that his investigation was obstructed early on when operatives in Hawaii were reluctant to collaborate on several situations and even threatened him and others investigating the issue with arrest.

Sheriff Arpaio told media that his team are keeping further “sensitive information” that he would not speak of publicly at the moment.

If taken through the right channels and pursued by Congress and federal operatives, Obama could be found guilty of treason.

Joe Arpiao intends on handing over the investigation to federal operatives in a month’s time.

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