John Kerry ‘Funneled’ Millions Into His Daughter’s Global Charity!

John Kerry

John Kerry

The Daily Caller News Foundation released a  news story back in September that reported that the Department of State has sent millions of tax dollars to a charity. Now the person behind this charity was Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter!

Three months after this story broke, a Snopes article tried to stop this story from coming out, but the Daily Caller responded and offered some evidence regarding the entire matter.

One Snopes writer, David Emery, was among the first to attack the  The Daily Caller’s story but never released evidence to prove otherwise.

“CLAIM: Secretary of State John Kerry ‘funneled’ taxpayer money into his daughter’s global charity,” Emery wrote.

Still, The Daily Caller never actually stated that Kerry was the one funneling the money. Actually, the State Department was the one to give money to the non-profit run by Kerry’s daughter via the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps gave almost $9 million of State Department money to Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s nonprofit Seed Global Health. This money was intended for a program Kerry’s daughter composed together with officials from both agencies.

Even more, most of this money were given while Kerry served as secretary of state.

The Peace Corps first gave the money charity to Kerry in 2012 during the time her father served on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations as chairman.

Even though The Snopes agreed with this, they forgot to say who was behind the State Department’s Office of the U.S. Global Aids Coordinator in time of the Peace Corps funding.

As we now know, the fact is that Kerry’s Senate committee had in possession the confirmation hearing for Eric Goosby, who was OGAC chief in time of Seed’s receiving of his first award.

Since the Senate ruled, Kerry could prevent Goosby’s confirmation and put it on hold. This was never mentioned by Emery though.

For The Snopes, this was the first try to help liberal politicians and causes, since the same was blown out in August for trying to cover up for President Barack Obama. Obama, at the time, lied about paying $400 million to Iran in order tor retrieve American hostages.

This is surely not the last of the lefties’ dark side…but we’ll wait like we’ve waited until now, for them to unveil their true nature.

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