Joe Arpaio Reveals The Truth About Obama’s Birth Certificate!

Obama's birth certificate

Sheriff Arpaio

A lot has been said about Obama’s birth certificate, and now a forensic analysis showed that the elements in this document were taken/copied from another certificate. So now we ask what happened to the original?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County ask this question before he started off an official law enforcement investigation in Obama’s birth certificate.

Parts of the certificate were taken from Johanna Ah-nee’s birth certificate, a woman born on Hawaii a few weeks after Obama’s birth was reported there.

According to the US Constitution, the President must be a “natural-born” citizen, but there are no specific terms on this requirement. It can be a citizen at birth, born in the country to two American citizens, or an offspring of two Americans.

Obama’s birth certificate shows that he is born in Hawaii. His mother was American, and his father Kenyan. So, how many anomalies have you noticed so far? The document’s validity, and his non-American father.

“It is the opinion of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that the birth certificate on your right, belonging to Johanna Ah-nee, was in fact used as a source document in the digital creation of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate,” Arpaio’s office stated.

“What are the odds that two stamps in two separate boxes stamped by hand … days apart would have the exact same angle?” the investigators asked.
The investigation came into two twin sisters who had similar birth certificates to Ah-nee’s document. The documents of these sisters had a few differences, and they were born minutes away. Obama’s document was quite similar to Ah-nee’s, and they were born weeks apart. How is this even possible?

“When you have two separate documents with two hand-placed stamps at the same angles, obviously a forgery has taken place,” the investigators stated.

As WND reports, in 2012, Arpaio expressed his conclusion that Obama’s birth document may be computer-generated.

In 2015, Arpaio was criticized about his effort to present Obama’s birth certificate as a forgery. But, guess who supported Obama? Yes, you got that one right. It’s Hillary Clinton.

And here’s Obama’s birth certificate:

So what is going on here???

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