Electoral College STANDS Behind Trump! No More Hope For Hillary

Electoral College STANDS Behind Trump!

Electoral College STANDS Behind Trump!

The sore loser liberals have been plotting against Trump as they invent stories about him rigging the elections with the help from WikiLeaks and Russia. And they have been pressuring the electors to reconsider Trump’s win before the Electoral College votes.

Daily Mail said that the Associated Press interviewed 330 electors out of the 538 total in the Electoral College. And none of those showed any wish to revolt. Not everyone was a fan of Trump, but they felt the patriotic need to discredit Clinton as a leader.

The demands, emails, phone calls were countless, but the end result was definitely in Trump’s favor, as well as America’s.

Even though the liberals trusted the turnover, it never happened and it left them devastated.

“Let me give you the total as of right now: 48,324 emails about my role as an elector,” said Brian Westrate, a small-business owner and GOP district chairman in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. “I have a Twitter debate with a former porn star from California asking me to change my vote. It’s been fascinating.”

“I believe that Donald Trump is a unique danger to our country and the Founding Fathers put the Electoral College in place to, among other things, stop that from happening,” said Chiafalo.

Furthermore, Nashville attorney Tom Lawless, voted for Marco Rubio in the primaries, but later claimed that he no one could persuade him to change his vote to Trump.

“Hell will freeze and we will be skating on the lava before I change,” he said. “He won the state and I’ve pledged and gave my word that that’s what I would do. And I won’t break it.”

The media, the liberals and the democrats did not succeed to change the will of the American people, to have Trump as a leader of America and to take us on the right path. And that makes us enormously happy.

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