Clinton Paid Bribes To Republicans McCain And Graham To Dump Trump!

Republicans McCain And Graham

Republicans McCain And Graham
Another scandal has rocked D.C. and is related to “Republicans in name only” or “RINOs.” In one of those leaked emails (from John Podesta to Huma Abedin)  there were some shocking revelation about some Republicans who turned their back on Trump.
The first email was first sent at the beginning of July, and according to the Conservative Daily Post, it shows how certain funds went from Clinton’s campaign to the Super PACS of Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich.
The email reads: “JB, CF, and JK PACS will be noticeably silent for the rest of the campaign. Each will receive a significant allowance from advertising budget. HRC is in the loop and has talked to all three personally. Eyes only.”

The email came to light before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan refused to speak at a Trump’s event in Wisconsin.
In the other emails, the money is shown have moved to Republican elected officials in the House and Senate.
As the FEC reports showed, two major donations from October were transferred from PACS to John McCain, upon his attack towards Trump.
This all occurred after a bunch of emails showed that money transfers to support one candidate and move support from another happened.
Afterwards, Kirkpatrick lost several key donors and money. With this, the support for the DNC and the DSCC decreased.
Just as information, McCain represents the main sponsor of a committee in charge of investigating the Russian involvement in the elections.
One of Trump’s nemesis is also Senator Lindsay Graham also got help from the Clintons. One email reads, “Cleared the road for him in 2020,”meaning there will be no Democrat in the South Carolina Senate race, after Graham gets re-election.

Graham also pointed out the Russian involvement in the elections vocally.
Plenty of other politicians went after Trump as well. And this is nothing but a pure act of revenge.
Since the emails were plenty, there is no way of learning who works for the Clintons and against trump at the same time.
We can only hope that the IRS comes out with clear proof and stop the Clintons once and for all.
The Clintons could not make up a worse plot to destroy Trump when they spoke of Russia and its meddling in the elections.
Now, if enough electors defect to Hillary or choose another person in their votes (Electors are NOT legally required to vote for their candidate), this could lead the vote right into the House and Senate.
This is mainly a very Roman scene, and Trump is now faced with a Julius Caesar moment.

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