Hillary Clinton Cancels Public Event Because Of “Lock Her UP!” Chants

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

What will it take for Hillary to understand that she’s lost the election and there’s nothing she can do to change the presidential elections results? After her private email server scandal, Anthony Weiner’s emails, Huma Abedin, Donna Brazile, Benghazi…

Why are they trying to force Electoral College electors to “vote no,” and take Trump’s presidency? The American people will never accept that.

Lets not forget how the crowds chanted “lock her up” during her rallies? Here’s a reminder what was happening back then:

And that’s not all:

It’s more than clear, America wants Trump. As if it wasn’t enough that Hillary is still out of prison, so now she’s trying to make a come back!

Will Hillary pull out another dirty trick? Is it possible that they steal Trump’s presidency?

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