Republican Electoral College Elector Threatened By Hillary Supporters!

Michael Banerian

Michael Banerian

Michael Banerian, an Electoral College elector from Michigan, said that Hillary’s supporters threatened him. Yes we’re talking about death threats, he revealed during an interview on Fox News on Wednesday.

“I’ve had people threatening to put a bullet in the back of my mouth, people saying to throw myself in front of a bus,” Banerian said.

Banerian, and other Electoral College members will cast their votes for president on Monday. Democrats are trying their best to convince Republican electors to stop supporting Trump. They need at least 37 electors to switch their vote take Trump’s victory away.

Banerian received most of the threats on Facebook, noting that he had received some quite gruesome images. There’s nothing good in receiving a picture of a noose! Banerian said that it’s not just Michigan people who sent him these threats.

“I’m getting most of my letters from California and New York,” Banerian said.

He even filed a police report, because some of these threats should be taken seriously.

The political science major at Oakland University and youth chair of the Michigan Republican Party noted that he never received in-person threats. As Western Journalism reports, one of the nasty threats was sent from an individual who went in the same high school as he did, but they haven’t been in touch for four years.

The rest of the threats were sent on his Facebook page. Banerian even received letters, six or seven letters a day, to be more precise.

But, none of the letters could change his expectations for Donald Trump and his presidency.

He stated that Trump has the ability to repeal the Affordable Care Act and pull out tax reform.

Trump won 306 electoral votes in the presidential elections, and he needed a minimum of 270 to become a President-elect.

Texas Republican elector Christopher Suprun has already announced he will “vote no” for the president-elect on Dec. 19, and claims that he is not the only elector who won’t vote for Trump.

This caused an avalanche of reactions.

“Some people want to talk to me, some people to thank me and some people want to kill me for this,” Suprun said for the Houston Press.

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