Muslim Student Who Claimed Trump Supporters Harassed Her Just Got ARRESTED for Lying!



With Donald Trump winning the election there were some riots and protests that began to take place. Mostly liberals, claiming that everything was all Donald Trump’s fault because he inflaming people and dividing everyone. Progressives even said that their was an increase in anti Muslim violence after his election. As it turns out one of those stories was a complete LIE!

The story goes that a teenage Muslim girl said she has been verbally assaulted on a train in New York City by Trump supporters who were islamaphobic. It quickly made national headlines and then went internationally.

Her story was in NY Newsday where she said how she was attacked while witnesses stood by doing nothing. But no witnesses could be found and no surveillance footage able to verify her story. It supposedly took place in a train car at the subway station.

It was the NY Newsday, the same outlet that printed her story, which reported that police had filed charges against her as well as her brother.


She is being charged with filing a false police report after she admitted she lied about the entire altercation. She is a student of Baruch College. She has told the police three drunken white men attacked her on the number six train of East 23rd St. on December 1st.

She claimed one of the men followed her to the end of the train and attempted to pull of her hijab. Right after she tried to flee. Investigators found out the truth. She recanted on Tuesday insisting she made it up because she was having family issues.

The police chose to charge her because of the wasted resources they spent on investigating as well as the politically charged nature of the story especially considering they gave her numerous chances to come clean. Her father said,


You try to raise your children as best you can. Maybe she was afraid that night. She was running late.”

Enough said.


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