FORBES MAGAZINE Says Trump Is The Second Most Powerful Man On Earth!



Donald Trump is climbing the ladder of the worlds most influential people, a list that made up from the biggest heads of states, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. The list has 73 names in total, and Trump is sharing his position with Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Out of all leaders, Trump was given the second place according to Forbes, due to his position.
As Forbes wrote, “The New York native will become the first billionaire president of the United States, after upsetting Hillary Clinton in a surprising election victory.”
Clinton is nowhere to be found on the list, while Obama took the no.48 spot, whereas last year he was ranked second.

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As the magazine points out, Trump “has a seeming immunity to scandal, both houses of Congress on his side, and a personal net worth in the billions.”
The complete list has 74 established names on it, including elected officials, politicians, rulers, entrepreneurs, economic wizards, billionaires, CEOs and clergy.
Trump is followed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who this time around took the third spot.

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